The Modern Ram

My English teacher gave us the topic ” The Modern Ram” for blog writing, as homework. So this is what I came up with:

Certainly a Modern Ram won’t be carrying a bow or rocking a man bun even though it’s quite in vogue now. Talking about appearance, we are told ram was handsome, had clear skin and six pack abs and all other good things, now upon contemplation, we realise that such a man is not really possible, ignoring Hrithik Roshan of course. Taken in literal context, a person would imagine Ram as an uber-cool tech savvy guy who’ll come running if you’re in trouble on his ‘Rath’ that is his hoverboard, you might have to wait a little longer though because those things can be quite slow. 

Ram is defined as the “perfect man” and there can be a million ways in which a person can be perfect for someone. So, we cannot really put boundaries on how Ram really was. And let’s not ignore Ram asking his wife, Sita, to give a test for her purity, I mean she was just rescued and instead of asking how she is let’s ask her to walk through fire to prove her purity. With that being said, we can say that Ram exhibited a few good qualities but they’re least likely to be found in the 21st century because our generation is a pro at adopting all the negative qualities from the past yet choose to remain oblivious to the good ones. And the deteriorating conditions of morals doesn’t help.But

But theres a catch, we dont really know how Ram actually was. And the only thing we can rely on are archaic scriptures. For all, we know he could be the exact contrary to our imaginations. But we can hope for the best and pray that Ram had clear skin.